It’s all about the mix.

Tatonka Digital & Analog was founded on the belief that it does not take an overstaffed agency in high-rent offices charging exorbitant rates to get the same results as a dynamic, smart, multi-hat wearing professional who has a team of affordable freelance creatives to tap when needed.  I will function as an extension of your business, helping you generate interest and sell more stuff at the lowest cost possible while telling your story and building your brand. I do this through an integrated marketing mix designed specifically for your company.

The Mix

I’ve been doing this long enough that we know there is no “silver bullet” in marketing. I realize that some mediums are better suited to your business than others but my clients have had the most success with an integrated marketing mix that results in to them selling more of their product or service.  That mix takes shape through a strategic media plan that is consistently fine-tuned to generate results.

Storyteller Extraordinaire

With over 700 weekly columns and 1000+ Lick the Plate radio shows plus years of results focused short and long form content generated for clients, I have the talent and a knack for telling stories. If I don’t feel confident in my ability to tell your story, I will not take you on as a client. If I do, I will immerse myself in your business, get to know your people, and become an extension of your brand.

The best storytelling/marketing comes from folks who are passionate about what they are selling and I’ve been lucky to be selective that way.

Killer Creative

The mix and the story won’t work so well if the creative surrounding them is poorly designed. I won’t let that happen. And just FYI, killer creative can range from a powerful three word tagline in Google Adwords to a professionally shot and edited video documentary on your business – and everything in between.

Strategic Planning

This seems so obvious, but you would be surprised by the number of marketers that develop a great story, and have amazing creative, but don’t have the experience to develop and execute a strategic plan to get it in front of the right audience. I can build and negotiate a media plan that leads directly into the most important ingredient in the mix – results.

Results – a.k.a. Sell More Stuff

None of this means anything unless you generated the desired results. Results can range from generating the leads you need to generate sales or build your brand to a point where it sells itself. Hopefully you recognize the importance of both. I am not happy unless this is happening.

Brands I’ve Worked With