Why Digital & Analog?

While our marketing services are comprised  of primarily digital campaigns, we do incorporate traditional mediums when they make sense, hence the “analog” portion of our offerings and both can be successfully integrated to yield results. Below we break them down for you.


Digital levels the playing field for small and medium sized businesses and we are pros at it. The targeting potential is powerful and with the right strategy can produce results at a fraction of the cost of traditional mediums.

Our areas of digital expertise include:

Integrated Media Planning:

Planning and execution campaigns that reach your target audience through a variety of digital channels that can include:

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Nextdoor, and LinkedIn. We offer social media management, strategy, content creation, execution, advertising and analytics for each of these platforms.

Video & Audio Production

We plan, produce, and deliver media content for our clients to use for their advertising campaigns and more. We have experience producing everything from YouTube videos, social media ads, network cable commercials, radio ads, animated ads, and documentaries.

Google Ads Platform

We can precisely target your customers via Google’s Adwords platform that includes Google search engine advertising, Google’s display ad network, and YouTube. Keyword research, competitive intelligence, budget strategy, retargeting banner campaigns and text ads are all part of this mix.

Search Engine Optimization

We get our clients to the top of Google with our comprehensive SEO strategy. This includes website optimization, content creation for optimal SEO, technical and creative copywriting, blogging, and back linking.

Email Marketing

With 15+ years of email marketing experience, we know how to utilize email to attract and retain customers.

Website Design & Creation

If you need an attractive website that is SEO optimized and highly functional – we can deliver.

Podcasts and other streaming services

The targeting capabilities of these are amazing. Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud are favorites.


This is our catch all term for traditional mediums that may make sense for some businesses whose customers still respond to these mediums.

Outdoor Advertising

Strategically placed Billboards and other signage can generate great response.


We frequently produce radio advertisements with our clients and are big fans of National Public Radio (NPR) and have had clients see much success with them. Other commercial stations with devoted local followings can also produce great results, along with Sirius/XM.

Direct Mail

We know how to create direct mail advertisements that sell. This is especially effectives when integrated with digital marketing.

Network and Cable TV

We have been moving away from creating television advertisements, but with the right client ad creative, we still occasionally utilize this approach based on your target audience.

Event Marketing

We have hosted thousands of events from national tradeshows to local event planning. We love coming up with creative ways to boost your brand and lead count. While not the best choice during these times, we look forward to when event marketing makes a comeback.