Welcome to Tatonka Digital & Analog.

Tatonka Digital & Analog is the culmination of my career in the corporate marketing, digital agency, culinary and solar industries. It was founded on the belief that it does not take an overstaffed agency in high-rent offices charging exorbitant rates to get the same results as a lean, smart, multi-hat wearing virtual team of professionals  who know their clients businesses as if they were their own.  I founded Tatonka Digital on the principles that my core team can function as an extension of our clients business, helping them sell more stuff while providing the best possible ROI. 

That said, despite the virtual nature of business these days, there is still a relationship element to it and I like to know who I’m doing business with and share our story as well so you know a bit about us. With that, here is a nutshell version of mine.

I consider my first real exposure to a structured business world starting when I when I was the First Mate on a Masco Corporation Yacht during summers through college out on the Great Lakes. While possibly the best summer job of all time, there were serious responsibilities involved preparing a 64-foot Hatteras for daily entertaining and a month-long trip around the Lakes with the Masco CEO’s wife and her girlfriends. The rest of the summer was spent on day trips entertaining every department from Masco HQ. I realized the marketing department was made up of the creative types and marketing strategists who I had the most in common with.

Even back then I found I had the ability to be equally comfortable on both the creative and business sides. I could develop the creative ideas and had the business smarts to execute on those ideas. The seed was planted for me to someday run my own agency where I could put both into play. But first, there was some in-the-trenches business world experience to be had.

Not long after I graduated, I managed the Masco Corporate Art Collection through an innovative program that had me touring around the country for 3 years organizing, promoting, and hosting black tie events. Next, I worked in technology selling Palm Pilot’s blockbuster email technology product to every major chain in North America, with stops in Montpellier, France where my culinary sensibilities were taken to another level. I gained extensive experience conceiving and executing hugely successful marketing campaigns and selling those to some of the toughest customers in the world. My experience since then has included more technology start ups, digital agencies, and for the past 15 years primarily in the solar industry on both the client and agency sides. It was during this time that my column and radio show Lick the Plate was born and has expanded to 4 major markets between California and Michigan. 

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with some of biggest brands in the country and grown local companies into respected regional players in their industries. I have realized my dream of building a business and leading a team of creative, tech and account management professionals who excel at their roles.

I’ve built a small, talented team who wear many hats and that bodes well for our customers. We believe that to help them sell more and build their brand – an agency should enjoy working with you and believe in what you do. So far, we have been lucky that way.

David Boylan.