Tesla Powerwall: Increase Your Sales While Savings Homeowners Money

Tatonka Solar

On an average day, a Tesla Powerwall and solar installation will meet a home’s energy requirements. With a Powerwall, homes can retain 7+ days of constant power during an outage or when the electrical grid goes down.

This is a massive opportunity for the solar industry to market solar and Powerwall installations to homeowners who want to save money and be free from the grid.

On top of this, you can sell the Tesla Powerwall to previous solar customers – taking advantage of your existing customer base. Or the customer base of your competitors!

At Tatonka Digital, we have a track record guiding our solar contractor partners through this entire process. Getting the contract started, rolling out the marketing, and targeting new-plus-old customers simultaneously.

We plan, produce, and execute your quarterly marketing strategies. We create campaigns that drive forward top-quality leads that convert to sales. All of this at an efficient cost-per-lead while building your brand.

We can make your company a targeted marketing plan – or manage your marketing efforts moving forward. Send us an email and let’s chat.